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Trekking in the Gravina of Ginosa

  • 21/10/2017
  • Maria Teresa Acquaviva
  • Hiking
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Ginosa caves to explore between archeology, history and nature.

Passaturi offers a fascinating journey into the small Matera of Puglia, the city of Ginosa, whose historic center is located on the edge of the gravina (a canyon) that surrounds the old city for about 10 kilometers. Suggestive are the ancient Castle that dominates everything and the Mother Church located on a panoramic terrace immersed in the rocky scenery. From the paths carved into the rock, go down to the bottom of the gravina to visit the medieval rock villages of Casale and Rivolta, places of historical and archaeological interest inhabited until the 1950s. The village of Rivolta is very suggestive because it seems to travel back in time among cave houses, millstones, cisterns, all excavated on 5 levels and made usable with a system of terraces, vegetable gardens, stairs and dry stone walls. In short, a glimpse of life that flowed in "negative" cities, so scholars have defined cities carved into the rock to distinguish them from "built" cities. The route also includes the rock churches of Santa Sofia and Santa Barbara which preserve frescoes and which can be reached by climbing the side of the ravine on an ancient path for shephe.

Duration of the tour about 3 hours.Medium / low difficulty route to be done in spring, summer and autumn.
It is advisable to dress in layers, to bring water if it is hot and, above all, to wear comfortable and low shoes.
On request it is possible to combine a final tasting based on local cuisine.

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